Friday, June 12, 2009

A step in the meatless direction....

I swear there have been days where I've eaten more than a pound of turkey in the course of 16 hours. I was astonished when I realized it and certainly didn't feel too great about it. Sure, it's lean, high quality stuff and loaded with nutrients but no person needs that much protein in one day.

Of course there are So many more terrible foods to consume over poultry and I'm sure many would think I was nuts for even thinking this. Although, for the sake of my kidneys, the high price of organic poultry and the overall mntal satisfaction of decreasing my animal intake I decided to trim back.

Protein to me is just so satisfying. It makes me feel complete after a meal, physically speaking. Stabalizing my blood sugar and giving my belly something to grab onto and slowly break down. When I don't have protein at meals I often feel hungier sooner and not quite as satisfide. I won't go 100% vegetarian because I know my body needs that animal protein but lately I have cut back about 30-50%. It's just a matter of focusing more on plant based foods and adding more of those into the foods I make. Instead of a full pound of turkey when I make a meatloaf I now add half-a-pound of ground turkey to half a pound of sauteed veggies. Any veggies I have one hand. Herbs, salt and pepper and an ounce of high quality parmesan cheese complete it and it is awesome. I enjoy this new approach to food and feel better about eating this way. And who could ever feel guilty about eating more veggies, bean and whole grains.

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