Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great talk...

After several in depth conversations that I was having with myself about my decision to go back to school I decided to call my alma mater; good old Ohio U. Certainly there would be someone there who could give me advice about contiuing my RD degree and whether or not it was worth it. I dialed the dietetics department and within two rings it was answered by the overlly helpful and cheerful head of Dietetics, Dr. H. I laid it out for him telling him every thought I had about going back and why I had convinced myself that maybe I was making the wrong decision. His answer was uplifting and clarifide each and everyone of my concerns. He first informed of the many, many alternative avenues that RDs have now-a-days apart from the typical hospital career. Secondly, he reminded me of the importance of having that license if I really wanted to get serious in the nutrition field. I would need credentials and education that would only come from an RD degree. He erased all my fears and I am rejuvinated once again. When in doubt call someone who knows.

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