Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Product Review- Truvia

I started using stevia once again a few months ago in an attempt to cut out just the little extra I was using in my morning coffee. It's the only replacement I will consider as it is 100% natural. Stevia is actually a plant and when the leaves are dried and finely ground you get a sweetener.

I certainly wasn't going to buy a box of any other artificial sweetener so after hearing so many commercials about stevia's comeback I thought, why not. To my surprise, I really liked it. The makers have done an awesome job softening the blow of sweetness one would usually find when consuming this product. I didn't realize how great of a substitute it was until I decided to try Stevia in the Raw and Damn! That stuff was way too sweet. Even when I used just a little it had a very overpowering, not-at-all-like-sugar taste that I didn't enjoy. It reminded me of the stevia I used to use a few years ago and why I finally stopped using that.

I am a big fan of Truvia and I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural sugar substitute. At $3.99 a box for 50 packets it's not too bad of a deal. I know a five pound bag of sugar can be bought for $1 but I think there's a reason for that. Your call!

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