Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back on the Wagon...

Did I indulge over the fourth? Yes, of course and I enjoyed every bit of it. I gave into some bruschetta, a couple of my skinny margaritas and oh, even some of the Original Pancakes famous Apple Pancake! I'm sure there were a few more in there but every once in a while I allow myself these indulgences... I am only human. I certainly don't throw caution to the wind and devour every morsel of food I want by any means. Rather, I strategize. Before I decide how I'm going to indulge I figure out where I can balance it out with the rest of what I'm going to eat. For instance, I knew I was eating bruschetta! Tiny toasts topped with tomatos, basil and olive oil. Can I get a yum! I swear they were calling my name. Therefore, in an attempt to find some balance I skipped the bread for a chicken sandwhich and the tortellini salad and made a big, chicken salad loaded with veggies instead. I did end up having the tortellini salad for breakfast the next day too! I figured why not, eat the carbs in the morning, burn them off all day long!

Splurging is okay every once in a while and I find that if I don't let myself have those every so often I end up bingeing and go crazy! If I eat as well as I do the majority of the time then I don't feel so bad about giving in to oh let's say Scoops tortilla chips and salsa a couple of times a month. Again, I just find a way to balance it out.

As of Saturday night I hopped back on my healthy wagon and went right back to my chicken salads, grilled veggies and whole grains. I have to say that I love eating healthfully and while it is nice to cheat every once and again I always look forward to getting back to eating what nature gives us!

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